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Looking for your dog or want to rescue a stray dog?

Rushmoor Borough Council Dog Warden, Aldershot/Farnborough area

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Ben the King Charles Spaniel was left tied to the dog tethering point outside ASDA in Lower Earley, Reading, Berkshire on Monday 4th November 2002. Between 17.25 and 17.35 the dog was stolen, along with his collar, tag and lead. A month later on the 5th of December the owners received a phone call from a mystery man saying he may have the dog. He says he bought him in a pub for 200. Eventually after a few more phone calls, the owners where told to go to a pub in Reading where they could see if this dog was their missing Ben. When they arrived they found Ben tied up outside with no sign of the man who had allegedly bought the dog.

Ben had actually put on weight and seemed in good condition but he was extremely happy to be home. It is thought that because there was so much publicity about his theft this made the dog unsaleable, and played a huge part in him being returned without a ransom being paid.


Sandie looks like a Cairn terrier cross and disappeared from her home in Holton Heath between Wareham and Poole, Dorset on Friday 4th May. At the time she was wearing a red collar.

Sandy was recovered from a stray dog centre 4 months after she went missing. It would seem she was stolen from her owners garden and sold to some low-lifes who kept her tied up outside. After some months she managed to escape (perhaps with some human help) and ended up in a privately run pound for stray dogs. Someone who had seen the posters, told her owner that a dog answering Sandys description had been taken away by a dog warden. The owner went to the dog pound where she had visited several times before. The staff were not at all forthcoming as to whether they had a dog like Sandy in their possession. The owner asked to see all the dogs they had and they said she was not allowed to do that 'because of foot and mouth restrictions'. The owner demanded to see the dogs and refused to leave until she did. At this point the staff at the dog pound admitted that they did have a dog matching Sandys description but she had been there 10 days (they are allowed to re-home stray dogs 7 days after they arrive at the pound). The owner was then shown the dog which was of course was Sandy. She had fur missing from around her neck where she had been tied up and was covered in fleas. Even after identifying the dog the staff still refused to hand her over because they had already homed her to someone else and she was being collected the next day. As luck would have it, the local dog warden arrived and was able to confirm that Sandy was the same dog he had been looking for. He had been carrying a picture of Sandy in his vehicle but had been away at the time Sandy was picked up. Her owner was then allowed to take Sandy home.

Have your dog microchipped. If Sandy had been microchipped the dog warden would have been able to identify who she belonged to and return her to her rightful owner.

Have photographs of your dog that show identifying marks and patterns.

Put up posters all over the place preferable with a colour photograph.

Make sure all the dog wardens have your dogs' details even those that do not cover your area.

Don't give up. Dogs can turn up months, even years after they have disappeared.

Script updated: January 1st 2023

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