Before Re-homing a Dog

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Dogs can live from 8-21 years depending on the breed.
Adopting a dog is like adopting a child.
Do you really want to take on all that extra responsibility?
If you don't own your house, are you allowed to keep pets?
Dogs need a regular routine are you able to offer this every day?
Will the dog regularly be left for several hours or long periods?
Have you added up the financial costs of owning a dog?
Is anyone that will be living with the dog allergic to or scared of dogs?
Does everyone in your family want a dog?
Do you have time for a dog?
Do you have any other pets that might not get on with the dog?
Are you aware of the legal responsibilities of owning a dog?

Spend some time to think about your decision

Owning a dog can be a very rewarding experience and most of all it should be fun! With fun however, comes responsibility. It is up to you to ensure that you give your dog or puppy the best start in your life together and that you continue to be a responsible dog owner so that your dog can enjoy a long, happy and healthy life.

Click on the relevant sections below to find out more about:
Being a Good Dog Owner
Which Dog Should I Have?
Keeping Your Dog Healthy
Neutering - The Facts
Understanding your dog
Are you allergic to dogs?

Dogs are not toys

A dog is a living animal and requires all the love and care that you would give to a child. When you take on a dog there is a responsibility that goes with it. Dogs do not look after themselves.

They may be expensive - there is a range of costs that they can incur - feeding, vet bills - regular inoculations, general health and any accidents/illnesses that might befall your dog, someone to stay with them when you are away.

They need time - walking (don't expect dogs to take themselves for a walk), training so that you can control them, grooming, cleaning up after them!

They need company - so it is important that you are able to spend time with them during the day. Dogs are pack animals and they look to you to be the leader of the pack. If you do not give them enough attention (walking, training, grooming, feeding) they may try to take over as pack leader and become aggressive and uncontrollable.

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Adopting a Rescue Dog

Adopting a Rescue Dog FREE book Rescuing a dog from a shelter is a wonderful way to give a dog a second chance at life, and find yourself a new best friend. But, how do you help start this new relationship off on the right paw? This FREE Guide walks you through the first seven days of adopting a rescue dog. Veterinarian Dr. Susan Wright and Editor Misty Weaver take you through the first seven days, from selecting a dog that will be a good fit with your family (Chapter Four) through to establishing routines (Chapter Seven), and socialization (Chapter Eleven). Each chapter ends with a real story from a family that adopted a rescue dog, sharing with you the joys and the challenges that accompany any adoption. As you and your dog work together to find a new rhythm together, this guide provides you with the tips and tricks that will make your adoption a little easier and smoother for both master and dog. With some work, a bit of good advice, and a lot of love we know you will change two lives for the better. To download your copy (100 pages PDF file 2Mb) click here.

Script updated: January 1st 2023

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