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If your dog has been found it could be many miles away. Some people who find dogs may keep them for several weeks before deciding to hand them over to a rescue centre!


If you find a dog which has no obvious identification and it is uninjured it is best to leave it to find its way home. If the dog is familiar with the territory it is not lost. Some dogs like to wander around their territory and some lazy owners let them. If you are afraid it may be run down you can attach a lead or a rope to it and let it take you to its home. This may take some time as it may not be in any hurry to go home since as far as it is concerned it is out for a walk!

If the dog is injured take it to your local vet. The vet can treat it and check it for a microchip. Inform the council dog warden, giving them a description of the dog, where you found it and where it is now.

If you believe the dog to have been dumped e.g. you found it on the motorway; you can take it to a local rescue organisation and ask them to check it for a microchip. They may also take the dog in as a stray but they may require paying to do so. Make sure you inform the council dog warden what you have done with the dog - don't leave it to the rescue to do so. You should also contact your council dog warden as they may know who the dog belongs to.

Keep checking the area where you found the dog as the owners may put up 'lost dog' posters.

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Script updated: January 1st 2023

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